Luxury Homes with Character


The magic of creating an extraordinary living space lies in the architectural details. Timberlin Luxury Homes knows that the nuances of these elements can significantly elevate the character and personality of your new home. We are passionate about creating prestigious, custom estates throughout Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

Elegant Molding and Trim

The charm of a luxury home lies in its subtlety, and molding and trim play an important role. From classic crown molding that frames your ceilings to elegant wainscoting adorning your walls, these elements add an element of distinction. When you work with Timberlin, we carefully choose profiles and designs that complement your home's aesthetic while showcasing your personality.

Timberlin Architectural Details

Custom Arched Doors & Details

Arched doorways and openings aren't new to home design, but they are gorgeous and pack quite the visual punch. Custom arches are more than just entryways; they are statements of grandeur and style. Entryway arches are welcoming and offer a feeling of opulence and space when you walk in. Whether you opt for a bold, modern design or a timeless, ornate style, arched doors and details are designed to enhance the architectural beauty of your home.

Custom-crafted architectural details set Timberlin Luxury Homes apart from other home builders.

Our homes feature state-of-the-art designs and high-end, contemporary luxury finishes. From our architects and designers to our skilled artisans, every part of the home-building process goes through refinement and finesse to build a luxury home. We craft homes that resonate with our clients' unique tastes and styles, where every detail contributes to a harmonious and luxurious living experience.

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