Positioning Your Home on Your Lot


At Timberlin Homes, we carefully consider critical factors when positioning your new luxury home on your Fort Wayne, Indiana lot. Embracing the captivating view, we ensure rooms capitalize on your lot's natural beauty. We prioritize natural light and warmth by orienting the main living spaces towards the south while thoughtfully sheltering outdoor areas from harsh winds for year-round comfort.

Harmonizing Your Home

Respecting your lot's topography is very important; we harmonize with its contours to minimize earthmoving costs and preserve the site's natural allure. Additionally, we pay close attention to privacy and neighboring structures, strategically positioning your home to maintain an appropriate distance from adjacent properties to create an exclusive and serene living environment.

Positioning Your Home on Your Lot

Timberlin Homes understands the significance of the elements needed to create a harmonious integration of your luxury residence with its surroundings. Allow us to craft a home that exudes elegance, comfort, and sophistication, elevating your living experience to unparalleled heights within Fort Wayne's most distinguished locations.

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