Timeless Lighting


Home builders often overlook the importance of lighting in the home. The right balance of sunlight and augmented light will serve to make your home feel warm and inviting. We know that the right lighting can improve mood and help create a clean and bright ambiance for cheerful spaces. Timberlin Homes’ custom luxury homes are constructed with intentional lighting design, resulting in timeless beauty and improved functionality.

Timberlin Homes Fort Wayne, Indiana

From setting the mood to adding interest, lighting is vital in establishing depth in a space. Timberlin Homes makes the most of modern light fixtures, using them as prominent design elements that help define your home’s luxurious style. Our prestigious custom homes are passionately created with lively and inviting spaces using natural and enhanced functional lighting.

Timberlin Homes Fort Wayne, Indiana

Great modern home lighting stands the test of time. Timberlin Homes’ high-quality craftsmanship and custom luxury lighting can help you create the home of your dreams.

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